Neighborhood Spotlight: Canterwood Golf & Country Club

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Canterwood Golf & Country Club

A ton of amenities under one roof all located in Gig Harbor North:

Everyone will tell you that Gig Harbor summers are sublime. It’s hard to pull a Washingtonian away from the perfect 78-degree weather of June, July, and August. If you don’t have a pool or daily water access, you might consider joining the Canterwood Golf and Country Club.

Nestled in the heart of the 780-acre Canterwood Neighborhood, the 18-hole, Robert Muir Graves-designed championship golf course blends seamlessly with the beauty of this unique Pacific Northwest community. The tree-lined course has more than once been voted in the Golf Digest Top 10 in the state of Washington.

Club membership is a fantastic value for the available amenities. In addition to golf, the club offers the Gig Harbor community a variety of amenities: summer access to the pool and spa, four tennis courts, a fitness center (small, but rarely crowded), a private dining experience, and special holiday events throughout the year. The private event space, which members may rent for a fee, is among the most popular in the Gig Harbor area.

Two family membership options are available. The Social Membership includes everything but golf, while the Golf Membership is all-inclusive. Bonus if you are under 40 (couples have to both be under 40) there is a significant price break under the Jr. Golf Membership! Golf events include (but aren’t limited to) Men’s & Women’s Member Guest Invitational, Men’s golf associations, Ladies 18 & 9 hole golf associations,  Twilight Golf, Junior golf and much more.

any Canterwood residents are also members of the country club, but the club is a private entity and is not an automatic perk of living in the neighborhood. Residency is also not a requirement for membership. The club consists of a mix of families, empty-nesters, and retirees, making for eclectic event options and dynamic networking opportunities throughout the year. Depending upon your interests, you can take a cardio class or relax poolside with the kids, join a golf association or a bridge club, attend a wine tasting or a trivia night, and so much more—all while enjoying the company of your neighbors and deepening your connection to the community.

I am both a resident of the Canterwood neighborhood and a member of the Canterwood Golf & Country Club. If you’d like more information about the club, please reach out by calling 253-313-4093 or emailing me at I’d love to treat you to lunch and a tour of the club. I am also happy to help you schedule a tee time or put you in touch with Rebecca, the club’s membership coordinator.

See you at the pool!


Paige Schulte

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