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Hello, I'm Paige.

I am a REALTOR, philanthropist, wife, and mother who is dedicated to helping you find your happy place to call home.


First and foremost


I am all about relationships—they are what make cities, communities, and neighborhoods not just buildings and houses, but homes. To me, having a relationship with a client means that I partner with people like you to build mutual respect and rapport so that you can first of all know me and trust me, and in the end, honestly like me. It allows me to help you find your dream home or sell your home so that you can move on to your next adventure in life. I know buying a home is a BIG deal and selling your home is emotional and can be stressful.

My job is to minimize those pain points, prepare you, educate you, and protect you along the way.

I will help you develop a strategic plan and back it up with strong negotiation skills, unparalleled accessibility, great interpersonal relationships within the industry, and local market expertise. I am known by my clients to be “professional yet approachable” (by far the best compliment I have received in a review). I pride myself on being authentic, available, and candid. Expect me to walk you through tough decisions, provide consistent communication, some goofy antics, and an unwavering devotion to help you find your way to your next home.

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Senior Real Estate Specialist

As a specialist in this field, I am prepared to help identify homes best suited for buyers who are looking to retire, downsize, or find a home where they can retire in peace. Whether you are buying or selling, I have an exclusive cache of resources specifically related to downsizing or protecting your largest asset. You can download the Baby Boomers Guide to Downsizing right here!

Insiders Guide to Downsizing


With 15 years of entrepreneurial and sales experience, I am resourceful, well educated, and adept at navigating the Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, and Bremerton Markets. In addition, I am a neighborhood specialist in the Canterwood community, an area that is challenging for other brokers to know inside and out if they do not reside here. Being a neighborhood expert is a BIG deal to me and I am committed to bringing you the very best of what I know about the areas you are looking to sell or buy in. If you are a buyer, I want to know what life is like in the community that you are going to invest in. If you are selling your home, having someone that knows what life is like on that street, in that neighborhood park, the nearest coffee shop, what local traffic is like, etc., makes a big difference when we tell the story of your home to get you the highest price and most ideal terms. I actively engage in the most current marketing trends (marketing is a true passion of mine) and real estate education so that you are aware of the market and the real estate processes every step of the way.

Whether you are buying or selling, you can rely on me to negotiate exceptional results.

If you have read this far, thank you! I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. I would love to learn more about you. The best way to do that and stay connected is for you to become one of my Insiders. My Insiders List is where it is at! Most of the time, you will only receive emails from me on Wednesdays (more if something is time-sensitive or important). It will walk you through the fundamentals of turning your dream home into reality while minimizing the stress along the way.


What Superpowers do I bring to you?
Honest, Collaborator, Efficient, and Go-Giver

  • Honest

    This is my favorite super power and my professional reputation. I pair my authentic vibes with some humor and give you the honest truth about how we can get you what you want. I promise to educate you with facts so that YOU can make the best decisions about your next home or home sale. Consistent communication is essential to me so I can keep everyone in the loop and feeling secure during times of big decisions. I promise to leave no stone unturned when gathering information for you when you purchase a home or when you go to price your home to sell. I am your right-hand woman and I will always have your back, even after the transaction is closed...wewill be besties by then, anyway.

  • Collaborator

    I have also been described as an executor. That sounds a little dark, but it means that I hustle. I am motivated to get things done and get things done quickly. When you call and decide that you have found the home of your dreams and we need to list your house in 48 hours, it will feel like I have been planning it for weeks when my army of colleagues come to prep your home on a moment's notice. Creative problems solving skills are second nature to me. And just in case it is needed, I always have a contingency plan that I will communicate with you so that we can keep a cool, stress-free environment. It's a drama free zone when you #partnerwithpaige.

  • Efficient

    Who doesn't love a good matchmaker? I want your first instinct to be, ``I should ask Paige Schulte for the best place to eat nearby or which contractor I should use or which is the best dog park around or the best preschool for my kiddos or the best gym (that she knows about but doesn't use).`` I love a good puzzle, like finding the person with the left shoe and connecting them to the person withthe right shoe. Bringing people together and ideas to life is the best gift that I can give. Plus, it saves a ton of time and we can all use more time! So when you need people, suggestions, or the local lowdown, contact me at I've got your back!

  • Go-Giver

    Giving back is part of staying humble and focused on why we are here. It is a gift that my parents gave me and something that I am passing along to my kids. One of the reasons that I went into the Real Estate industry is because it offers me the time and opportunity to work with charities and rewards kindness and generosity. I will never hesitate to help a friend in need or support a charity I or my children believe in. I founded and sit on the board of the ChelseaPaige Foundation and give to over 18 charities each year that primarily support women, children, and education. I have started a favorite tradition of client-directed donations by learning as much as possible about my clients' favorite charities and then giving to the programs they are most passionate about. The creative collaborations in the name of giving back are one of my favorite hobbies and a great way to create friendships in the community all while paying it forward. With every closing, I donate back to our community through the Windermere Foundation and the ChelseaPaige Foundation.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I am thrilled to connect with you and I am excited for the journey ahead!

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