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Insider’s Guide to Gig Harbor Churches

Insider's Guide to Gig Harbor Churches

Did you know that two recent studies* showed that attending religious services can help you live longer? It’s true! What adds to the longevity is a sense of being a part of a power larger than yourself, having a more optimistic view of life, practicing traditional values of respect, compassion, self-control, charity, and harmony, and ultimately finding a greater purpose to life. More than just being a social support network, being part of the right church community helps people of faith to deepen their personal beliefs, enrich their souls, and encourage hope and direction in their lives.

Church attendance reaches us not only on a horizontal levelhaving supportive and encouraging relationships with others that remind us that we are not alone but rather part of a living organism of like-minded individuals who pray and study together, volunteer together, and worship togetherbut it also touches us on a vertical level. It answers our questions of eternity, delves down into our souls through meditation, and then branches up to help us understand how we are part of a greater story than just ourselves. These are all aspects of a healthy, harmonious, and balanced life.

So if you are new in town and looking to get plugged in or have been here for awhile and are looking for a faith community, here are some great Gig Harbor recommendations for you during this season.

Intrepid Christian Church

St. Nicholas Catholic Church

St. Charles Borromeo (Tacoma)

Harbor Covenant Church

Harbor Covenant Church North Campus

Harbor Christian Center


St. John’s Episcopal

Harborlife Church

One Hope Church

Chapel Hill

Gig Harbor Nazarene

A New Beginnings Family Christian Center  (Port Orchard)

Calvary Fellowship Gig Harbor

Waypoint Church

Believer’s Fellowship

First Love Church

Fox Island Alliance

Fox Island United Church of Christ

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Gig harbor United Methodist Church

Peninsula Christian Fellowship

Wellspring Fellowship

Peninula Lutheran


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