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Insiders Guide to Contractors for Snow Days- Snow Plows to Generators

Insider's Guide to Contractors for Snow Days in Gig Harbor
When the snow comes down in Western Washington the grocery stores sell out of ALL THE THINGS. Here is a quick reference guide to contractors if you are in need of help. Bundle up and stay home- Western Washington wasn’t made for massive storm flurries.

Tree Service

Washington’s mix of snow, rain, and wind can often be the perfect recipe for trees fall. Should you need tree servicing help on your property give one of these guys a call.

Harborview Tree Service LLC-Steve Bromell

Axia Tree Service- Zoltán Dornay

Snow Removal and De-icing

Pacific Northwest General Contracting LLC -Tyler Schmidt

(253) 355-4080, drop my name for $10 off a driveway plow. 🙌🏻

Pinnacle Home Service Company

Adam Hill
Text or call 360-536-3696

Josh Hasting (Shoveling roofs, driveways, and walkways)

Frozen pipes

If you notice your pipes are frozen (turn on the faucet and no water is coming out) give one of these plumbers a call to help you defrost your pipes.

(253) 851-1633

Crescent Valley Plumbing LLC- Ed Arozarena

In the extreme event that your pipes freeze, thaw, and flood your home here are some companies that can help:

(253) 851-6711

Heritage Restoration
360-345-1015 (24/7 line)

Tips on preventing freezing pipes: (Source:
Make sure all pipes that are exposed to the extreme temperatures are drained. This includes but not limited to swimming pool and exterior sprinkler system supply lines.

  • Disconnect any hoses from the exterior or your house. Drain the hoses and store them in the garage. Make sure that you keep your garage door closed at all times.
  • Insulate the area around light fixtures, vents, and exterior faucets. This helps prevent freezing temperatures from gaining access to your home.
  • Open cabinet doors that have plumbing running in them. This helps the warm air to circulate around the pipes, keeping them warm.
  • Allow your faucets to drip cold water on the coldest days. The movement will make it harder for the water to freeze inside the pipes.
  • In your house never let your thermostat fall below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Night and day make sure that your home’s temperature never dips below freezing. This is one of the leading causes of frozen pipes, people do not want to pay for heating their homes when they are not it their homes. BUT – turning your heater off could lead to a risky game of frozen pipe roulette.
  • Check all exterior seals on windows, doors, garage doors, etc. and complete any necessary repairs to make sure no heat is escaping your house.


Home Generator Repair and Installation Companies

Northwest Generator Service- Chris Elfrank

Birch Electric

God Bless General Contractor LLC
License Bond & Insurance
360 349 4004

Emergency Roof Services

The heavy amounts of snow and ice can cause damage to roofs on homes, carports, and sheds. If you are concerned about the amount of snow on your roof these companies are offering emergency services during the storm.

Contractors Roof Service- Providing emergency service to those with damaged roofs during the snowstorm, 24/7

(253) 858-3044

Pacific Northwest General Contracting LLC -Tyler Schmidt and his team of trusted roofers specialize in roofing services

Pinnacle Home Service Company



Power Outage Information

Peninsula Light Co. has many ways to stay up to date on power outages. You can view the power outage map here →

They keep their facebook page and twitter updated as much as possible.

If you are in the Puget Sound Energy service area, they also have resources on power outages in your area.

Puget Sound Energy Outage Map-

Puget Sound Energy Twitter –

Stay warm Gig Harbor Friends!

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